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One of the critical elements of any successful online store is its design. A well-designed store not only looks professional but also helps to create a positive user experience for customers. This is where Murmel's theme comes into play. The theme provides an easy and customizable way to design and showcase your store to the world.

The user guides are classified into several categories in the table below. To get help using Murmel, click on the links in the table or choose a user guide from the menu on the left-hand side. If you do not find the necessary information in this manual, it may be the default Shopify features, which documentation can be found at the Shopify Theme Help Center.



Introduction (you are here now)

Summary of the documentation provided for Murmel, along with instructions for its installation

How to use the various customization options available in the Theme settings

Discover how to customize sections of your store.

A list of the changes and updates to Murmel.

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